Our Purpose

Potato Fun Facts!

Did you know ?

  • Potato is currently the second most important staple food in Kenya and East Africa from maize having overtaken other cereals such as wheat and rice.

  • Kenya’s estimated annual demand for certified seed potato stands at 30,000 Tonnes per year against a seed production of about 6,700 Tonnes

  • Most farmers RECYCLE part of their harvests from the previous seasons to use as seeds

  • The recycled seeds produce an average of 3 Tonnes/acre against 15 Tonnes/acre for Certified Potato Seeds.

We at Agripom exist to bridge this supply gap and ensure that farmers have access to certified seeds to boost their yield

We provide innovative solutions across potato value chain with major activities in potato value chain. We have taken the lead in this transformation through provision of high quality potato seeds and extension expertise during the crop growth.

Agripom Kenya Limited prides to be your most trusted partner in potato value chain.

Our Value

As our client we will guarantee two things!

  • Quality – We guarantee professionally handled high quality seeds

  • Agronomic Training – We will train you on how to handle the seeds to get the best yield

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